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Adventure ChamonixAdventure Travel Supply is a site for Adventure Travelers by Adventure Travelers. “Pack Smart, Travel Smarter” is our motto. This ATS idea was born from a desire to help guests we took rafting, biking and skiing pack smarter by bringing the right gear for their trip. Too often we would find ourselves a few days into an adventure and notice that our guests personal gear was far from optimal. Sure, they had packed according to the suggested packing list but their gear choices left a bit to be desired. As commercial guides we have a duty to set our clients up for success. We want individual travelers and the clients of professional outfitters to have easy access to quality gear choices. We have travelled the globe and put our hands on enough gear to understand which gear "works" and which gear doesn’t. Our intention is to steer clients to the best gear list supplies and best adventure travel gear possible. Along the way we provide insightful reviews, and colorful travel stories (all true I might add). Adventure Travel Supply is guaranteed to keep you informed, enlightened and entertained.

Travel: about us

Years ago, my wife and I chose the outdoor industry as our career. Now, many miles down the road, we've come to realize just how special a choice this was. Choosing a career in the outdoors has enabled us to work and travel the world. Traveling and meeting the diverse peoples of the world has become as much a draw as the whitewater and mountains. Each new destination holds unique logistical puzzles, cultural hurdles and challenges from the elements. There is always something to keep things interesting; from the language barrier in small villages of northern Thailand to the driving rain of New Zealand's South Island. We help travelers find the right gear to travel affordably and efficiently; whether it is a small waterproof backpack, or a bigger roller bag to cram all your gear into. The bottom line is that adventure travelers need gear that works well for its intended purpose and it is imperative that the gear is built well. Thanks for reading and have a great trip!