Watershed 'Colorado Dry Bag' Review

Thankfully, there are certain products in the marketplace that stand alone. They have the distinction of being exceptionally well made and are unfailingly trusted. Straight off the shelf and out of the box you can be assured that your purchase is exactly as advertised. Watershed brand dry bags are one such item, they are the epitome of quality. These dry bags are well designed and extremely durable.
They not only withstand the challenge of the elements but also the wear and tear from both their owners and the rigors of the road and river. As a professional river guide I have owned many Watershed bags, I have yet to retire one. Watershed makes dry bags in a variety of sizes to accommodate any length river trip or expedition. This brief discussion will focus on the Watershed 'Colorado' Dry bag, a medium / large duffel style bag that utilizes Watersheds signature Zipdry style closure.

Here are the specs;
Weight: 3 lb 2 oz
Capacity: 6400 CU. IN. (105 L)
Dimensions: 18" x 31" x 16"
Opening Size: 28"
Closure Type: ZipDry
Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 10.56.29 AM
Big enough but not too big,
I routinely bring this bag on my two week long river trips in the Grand Canyon and use it as my primary clothing bag. With ample room inside, the Watershed Colorado easily accommodates all my clothing needs for the entire trip. Everything from on river shorts, swim trunks and sun shirts to warm evening jeans and fleece gets packed in the Watershed Colorado. At this point in my career, my watershed Colorado has seen thousands of miles of drenching whitewater and countless weeks in the relentless desert sun. It is still my go-to bag, my constant companion on all my trips. The only effect I have noticed is the changing of the color, from fire engine bright to a mellower, toned down red. Other than that, it is as good as day one; fabric still intact, Zipdry closure still secure and as waterproof as the day it was made.
Although designed primarily for those engaged in water sports, I appreciate the Colorado's functionality as a regular traveling companion. I regularly use it as part of my adventure traveling repertoire. If I am going somewhere and the rainy season is threatening, I pack the Colorado. Although not designed for this, the duffel style handles are big enough to wear it like a backpack. It works like a charm when used this way (surprisingly comfortable too). And, most importantly, if that tropical rain shower moves in while you're waiting at the bus-stop in New Zealand, you may not stay dry but whatever you packed in your Watershed bag will.
There is one simple maintenance procedure I do to keep this bag functional. Twice a season I lube up the
Watershed Colorado Zipdry closure with a bit of 303 Protectant. This three minute bit of preventative maintenance keeps the rubber closure from getting gummed up with silt and sand and ensures a good clean and crisp seal. In Conclusion, I am a big fan of Watershed Dry bags. Each size (they have many) and each style is constructed with the same expert craftsmanship. Their line of dry bags includes duffels, backpacks and totes. Looking to keep your stuff dry? Watershed has the answer.