Teva's "Bomber Flip" Sandal Review

Sometimes, it doesn't take a revolutionary new idea but the combination of two already existing ideas to create a product that rises above the rest. Just think Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. More often than not these hybrid products do not come about by accident, as the chocolate and peanut butter commercials suggest. In the real world, some designer dreams a little dream, has that "Eureka!" moment and follows through. In the realm of water sandals, Teva's Bomber Flip is that dream design. It works. The Bomber Flip is 75% flip flop and 25 % sandal. Let me explain.

From an adventure traveler's perspective, flip-flops are easy, comfortable and versatile. They scream "vacation" and embody a certain state of mind. Spring, summer, and fall, they are an integral part of my footwear repertoire. Flip-flops pack light, travel easy and are appropriate in a variety of travel scenarios, from light hiking and easy adventuring to hanging out cruising the boardwalk. Crank up the adventure level a bit, however and all of a sudden your typical flips tend to be a "flop". Try scrambling around on the rocks or fording a knee deep quick moving stream with the average flip-flops. Their limitations are all too apparent. If your foot isn't slipping off the sole, they're being dragged away by the current. There's nothing worse than finishing your summer wet-hike with one flip-flop, one bare foot and a twisted ankle. I've done it. It sucks.
Many years ago Teva, a company founded by a professional river guide, modified the standard flip-flop with a single strap that reaches over the top of your foot. This adjustable strap is integrated into the rubber sole. It starts on one side of the sandal reaches over the top of the foot and terminates on the other side. A simple slider buckle makes it adjustable. What's the point? Well, by integrating this over-the-foot strap, Teva has eliminated much of the "flip" in the flip-flop. Confused? Picture this: the foot strap effectively keeps the Bomber flip closer to your foot providing a more secure fit. A standard flip-flop is fairly loosey-goosey and makes its characteristic noise as the sole rebounds up and smacks against the bottom of the wearer's foot. Teva's idea is to cinch the strap tight, when needed, so their Bomber Flips stay close and therefore are always there when you bring your foot down. What advantage does this hold? As one who has worn these hybrids for years, I can tell you it is essentially a high performance flip-flop doing what a traditional sandal was designed to do, only doing it more comfortably. The over the foot strap enables a level of performance not usually found in more traditional flip-flops. Even better, the designers at Teva have allowed us to enjoy the best of both worlds. Loosen the foot strap or realign it to mirror the regular flip-flop "v" strap and you're back to a casual beach cruiser; tighten that strap over your foot and you're ready to adventure on another level.

Teva Bomber Flip ON SALE HERE.

Teva does us the favor of using Spider Rubber, their stickiest rubber, on the Bomber Flip, another smart move. As I have expressed in earlier articles (see "The scoop on sandals"), having good soft rubber on your sandals is imperative. It's a safety thing: soft sticky rubber means less slipping, sliding, and ultimately, falling. Sprained ankles can derail a good adventure faster than most anything. Gimping around wrapped in an ace bandage is no way to travel.
CONCLUSION: The Teva Bomber Flip is well designed and offers extra advantage over traditional flip-flops. It is a versatile flip-flop with sandal-like capabilities. Its dual purpose design allows for both casual cruising and more performance oriented adventuring. Add into this, Teva's best sticky rubber, and you have a formula for success. I wear mine everywhere, and have for years. Currently they are sold in Men's sizes only. For you gals, just convert your size to the equivalent in Men's and you are all set. Give them a shot, you'll be impressed.