Pelican Case Explained

What is a Pelican Case? Simply put, Pelican cases are extremely durable waterproof cases. Designed to house the most valuable and potentially fragile items. There a must for keeping dry items dry and fragile items from breaking. I own many and can't speak highly enough about how well they work and long they have lasted. No leaks and practically unbreakable.
Pelican's popularity has grown among serious adventurers. So much so, that Pelican cases are being packed on almost every serious expedition. Everything from guns to cameras and computers, if it needs to be dry and protected, put it in a Pelican.
Each case comes with the option of a segmented foam insert. I recommend it. The idea being that the foam can be excavated to precisely fit whatever is going into the case. It pulls out in small pre-perforated blocks. Super Easy. The result is a soft nest around my camera to keep it from jostling against the sides. You can use your Pelican case to hold almost everything. For Instance, I use the Pelican Case 1450 to secure my digital SLR. Waterproof and bomber, the 1450 is big enough for a secondary lens. Sweet. I strap the 1450 right on the deck where it takes a pounding by the river. I worried at first but I don't anymore. Pelican stands alone as the highest quality waterproof cases on the market. Pelican case boat deck pelican plane walkPelican cases at work......Grand Canyon, Arizona