Long live high water!

Long live high water flows and huge whitewater! Hearing news of the latest release from the Glen Canyon Dam into Grand Canyon brought a huge smile to my face. This four day period of pumped up releases out of Lake Powell is certain to delight some boaters on the river and soil the shorts of others. No matter what end of the excitement spectrum you like to play, one thing is undeniable. If your on the river right now you'll be dealing with big water. At normal release flows, anywhere between 8,000 cfs and 17,000 cfs, the rapids in the Grand are rambunctious and playful. The Colorado River at 40,000 cfs is sure to man-handle a few unsuspecting boaters.Truth be told, not all rapids will get burlier and more intense. Many will wash out. Sometimes too much water drowns the whitewater features and the rapid simply disappears underneath all the flow. Other rapids however can take all that the river can give, meaning the more water, the bigger the features. If they don't wash out then watch out. Deeper wave troughs, higher wave peaks and exploding mountains of whitewater are the result. Remember Hermit, and if you don't, after seeing it at 40,000+ cfs you will. Literal mountains of whitewater with exploding tops all lined up in a row. It's a beautiful thing.
If you have never been rafting down the Grand Canyon you should put it on your "to do" list. The Grand is an amazing place with beautiful whitewater. High flow or low, theres always plenty of water in the big ditch. Consistent fun at any water level coupled with astounding scenery make for the trip of a lifetime.