Rydr Pant From Kuhl

Gear Review: Kuhl Rydr Pant for men.

It's not often that I fall into a pattern of wearing the same piece of clothing over and over until my wife finally has to point this fact out to me. This is exactly what happened with the Rydr pant made by Kuhl. What I love about this pant and what has made it my go-to clothing item, is that it works for almost every application. Admittedly, I own a few pairs and therefore have the luxury of choosing a particular color or particular pair based on what I plan to do for the day. I am not really the cloths hoarding type so for me to have more than one pair of anything is a true sign of how much I like it. Heres the deal:
The rider pant is particularly durable, add on top of that a superior level of comfort and a casually stylish design and you have one super nice pair of pants. My older pair is well worn and has become my choice for a work pant. The cut makes them easy to work in and the thicker durable cotton means they can withstand the abuse of a good day with the tool belt on. Never binding yet not too baggy, the Rydr Jeans were made (or so it seems) to be worked over. They wear well and even after a couple years of kicking around at my mountain cabin they have no holes. Sure the cuff's at the bottom of the legs are a bit tattered but that comes with the territory. One particular detail that I especially like is the reinforced seam at the pockets. I am the type that routinely clips a pocket knife to my pocket and the Ryder jean's pocket reinforcement has held up great.
In terms of a pair of pants that wears well for a casual night out, the rider works well and looks great. I think it's way more stylish than the other work jeans on the market. When I put on one of my nicer pairs of Rydrs, (the ones I do not work in) tuck in a shirt, throw on a belt, I am set to go out for the night. Granted, they are not the type of pants I would wear to the Opera but, seeing as how I don't go to the opera, I'm ok.
The bottom line is that these pants are perfect for a casual evening at the local bar and grill or date night with the wife. I look more than presentable, feel comfortable and my wife is psyched ( that's what really matters). In all fairness, I feel compelled to say that these pants will fade over time. Not that this is anything unusual, and I actually like how they fade, but it is a reality. My oldest brown pair (the ones I work in) have been in the sun enough and through so many wash cycles that their deep brown has faded into a lighter shade.
My vote is two thumbs up on this pair of pants. As I stated before, I own a few pairs and usually they are my first clothing choice for any given day. Try 'em you'll like 'em.
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