Adventure Travel Supply Outfitters Gear List:

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Ceiba’s Recommendations for Basic Necessities

Raingear: Rain jacket or a well fitted paddling jacket and pants are a necessity, not only for rain, but also for shedding water in the rapids. Don’t skimp on the cost of nice rain gear. A lightweight jacket is nice to take hiking as well.
NRS Hooded Rio Top Paddle Jacket
NRS Rio Pants

Long Pants: Lightweight, nylon, airy pants, especially for sun protection. Quick-drying khakis or surgical scrubs are ideal.  Also a pair of heavier long pants are nice for warmth in the cool times, and for hiking.

Shorts: Casual everyday nylon fast drying shorts are a must on the river.
Men’s River Shorts from NRS
Women’s River Shorts

Shirts: Nylon is recommended, along with several long sleeved shirts for sun protection. Bring one warm long-sleeved shirt as well.

Jacket: This should be of a synthetic fabric that dries quickly, with pockets for your hands.  
The North Face Apex Bionic Softshell Jacket - Men’s
The North Face Apex Bionic Softshell Jacket - Women’s

Socks: Wool or synthetic blends are recommended.
Smartwool Hiking Light Crew Sock
Icebreaker Hike Lite Crew Hiking
Smartwool Hiking Liner Crew Sock

Footwear: One pair of tennis shoes, one pair of lightweight hiking boots & one pair of flip flops or sandals. Wet Suit socks are nice to use on the inside of your tennis shoes, for the river.
Chaco Sandals- Women’s
Chaco Sandals- Men’s
Teva Sandals- Men’s
Teva Sandals- Women’s
NRS HydroSkin Wetsocks

Headwear: A wide brimmed, lightweight sunhat is highly recommended. Also a wool beannie is a must as well.
Sun protection Hats
IceBreaker Pocket 200 Beanie- Unisex
Thermal Beanie- Unisex

Gloves: Warm Gloves, lightweight sun gloves, or even hiking gloves.
Boater’s Gloves

Underwear: At least two pair, and maybe three pair of capilene underwear is a must on the river. Tops and bottoms. Different weights is nice, light, medium and expedition weight.
Capilene- Men’s
Capilene- Women’s

Bathing suits: For swimming in side streams and bathing in the river.

Sleep Kit: This should include sleeping bag, sheet, sleeping pad, tarp and pillow.  A sheet is key during the hot months. If you don’t have these items, they are available for rent from Ceiba.

Tent:  A 3-season tent is highly recommended to bring along. Although,
remember that it is very nice to sleep   
out under the stars too! Ceiba has
these for rent as well.

Toilet kit: Should include a small towel and washcloth, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, shampoo, soap,  mirror, tweezers, etc. Lotion/salve is essential for dry & chaffed skin.

Water bottle: Two one-liter bottles are nice. Bring extras if you plan on doing long hikes.
Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan BPA-Free Water Bottle (32 oz)
Water Bottles
Hydration Reservoirs
Sunglasses & Sunscreen:  Bring a sunglass case and a retaining strap. Plenty of sunscreen and spare prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Headlamp and Spare Batteries: Headlamps are invaluable. Bring a good one! We recommend bringing two.
Petzl Tactikka Plus Headlamp
Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp

Carabiners: Nice to have a couple for clipping water bottles and misc items on to your load (boatmen especially).
NRS Carabiners

Tupperware: This option is great for leftovers and pack lunches.

Ceiba’s Recommended Extra Gear for Fall through Spring Trips (October thru April) In addition to the items above, the following things should be included:
One pair of wet suit booties.
One pile or wool hat
One pair of pile or wool gloves
One pair of pile pants.
Drysuits, especially for passengers on winter trips
Rubber boots
Paddle jacket/Paddle pants
Maybe a flannel shirt, blue jeans or other cotton clothes to wear in camp.
One extra set of synthetic underwear (mid-weight)
One extra pile top.
Two to three extra pairs of socks
Extra headlamp batteries

**It is impossible to perfect a list of things to bring. Each day in the wilderness is
different and brings its own set of challenges. Please consider what will be
important to you and pack accordingly.**

Optional Items:
Waterproof guidebook of the river
Your personal lifejacket: Must be a Type III or V. We rent type V lifejackets and they are included in the Whole Shabang!
Small binoculars
Musical instrument
Pocket knife
Small roll of duct tape (although please no duct tape on rental gear)
Ziploc bags
Liquor (plastic bottles)
Thermos (cooler months)
Camera (lot’s of memory/batteries)
Ipod or music listening device (lots of batteries)
Waterproof Ipod/ Electronics cases