The Royal Gorge is a whitewater classic! Nestled between 1200' cliffs are class IV, V rapids like Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer & the Narrows! Treat yourself and your family to Colorado’s premier river rafting location! Full day and half day whitewater raft trips are suitable for adventure seeking first timers as well as experienced paddlers. Please remember, good physical condition is recommended at high water.

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Royal Gorge Rafting, Zipline Tours, Vacation Rentals & the White Water Bar & Grill! ~ One Location - 100% FUN!

Dress for Success!!

Long Sleeve Synthetic Shirt:
WHY? Simple.....warmth and sun protection. A Synthetic material long sleeve shirts keep you warm AND offers sun protection during the heat of the day. Some good choices:
Men's Long Sleeve Synthetic Shirt
Women's Long Sleeve Synthetic Shirt
Kids Long Sleeve Synthetic Shirt

Sun Protection:
Colorado is bright and sunny. Perfect Rafting weather. Bring a
hat for sun protection. Sunglasses cut the glare off the water.

Shorts: Most Days you will want to be wearing shorts. Shorts or swimsuit – quick drying works the best.

Footwear: You have Options: sport sandals or tennis shoes. Sandals must have a heel strap so your sandals stay on your feet in case you fall out of the boat. We recommend Chaco Brand Sandals. If you wear tennis shoes we recommend you wear wool or polypro socks.

Rain Gear: It is only a day trip so I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you get cold easy consider bringing a rain parka and pants to stay warm.

Hydration: Drink Water Be Happy...What else can we say! A personal water bottle goes along way toward staying hydrated and being happy. Drink water!